Visual poetry about solidarity, the environment and friendship


A subtle work about learning to take care of yourself


A metaphor on our time on this planet


A dystopian universe that could be our own


A tale in which everything moves like emotions


Observations from 10 meters up through stilts, aerial dance and acrobatics


Visual poetry on the themes of solidarity, the environment and friendship. Observations and metaphor on our time on this world from 10 metres up through stilts, aerial dance and acrobatics.

In a dystopian universe, that could be ours, two wandering, irrevernet and thirsty souls come across the Water Guardian. This frowning and knock-kneed character will need to open up his heart if he is ever to recover his smile and the ability to dance. On the other hand, the wanderiers will need to control their disorderly and rude behaviour. All three need the water as much as they need to learn how to live.

In this story everything is on the move, waving or rolling sinuously as if aboard a ship at sea. The system, emotions and feelings are all like water. A subtle work on how  to look after yourself, the world around you and to enjoy it in harmony.

Artistic data

Cast: Alba Blanco, Sara Gil, Xavi Castelló
Director: Biel Jordà
Creators: Biel, Alba, Sara, Xavi
Original Score: Juanjo Ballester
Set Design: Xavi Castelló
Set Construction: DeFerro
Choreography: Alba Blanco and Sara Gil
External Eye Choreographer: Aina Pasqual
Costumes: Sara Recatalá
Executive Producer: Domingo Martínez

Aigua is a co-production by XA! Teatre and 23Arts together with the Institut Valencià de Cultura, the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics and the FitCarrer de Vila-real festival.

Thanks to: Marta Barceló, Pau Ayet, Abel Guarinós, Roberto García, Majo Urieta, Juanvi Martínez Luciano, Neus Ribas, Carlos Martín.


Technical details